In this Article We'll talk philosophical a little bit and then I'll say my plans for summer.(Click on the orange button to see continuation of the text)

10 years ago I didn't know what a high school is.

3 years later I asked myself and my parents "Will I grow up that much that I can go to high school?"

In guidance school I told myself "Is it possible to go to high school and learn that many stuff?"

And when I got to high school "Is that it?! So Can I go to University then?"

And the last question stayed up my head since then till now; with a little change "Can I go to a good  university?"

We, Humans, are always that way. We position ourselves in a situation, then we love something, and then we try to get to it OR some stay beneath the tree and wait until a peach falls in our mouth.(Experience shows the first group are more successful, because they move and God helps them. If you remember chapter one from geometry book, we can call it a "two conditional proposition.") Sometimes we achieve it (a hearty happiness which we think it stays forever) and sometimes we fail.(a cold failure which we think it stays forever) When we fail, we ask ourselves "How did this happen?" "Was there any way to pretend it?" "I wish this never ever happened!" "I wish I went the other way!", but as long as we live in this world in 99% of situations we come along with reality. Bitter or sweet, no matter which. After a short time we completely forget about it! (Consider your faith in after life, if you do behold you can't come back to this life, and if you don't, then you'd better do :D. In this life, there is always a way to come back, not there. )

In a video game, one the characters said a wise word after loosing a best friend: 

Things happen, Then we move on...

It may seem that it's only for bad happenings, but it's a truth for good happenings as well! In other words "move on" is always there, at least it seems to be that way. It could even be a proof for life to have ups and downs (life is a Sinus function!)

So nobody ever stays happy or sad for ever, but humans love to live in the moment. They love to feel good things happen to them at the moment. Reviewing diaries of past can be happy or sad but it is our need to to happiness or even sadness at the moment. Of course! Sadness! Sadness can help soul to have peace,(As long as soul is in this world and obeys its rules) but that doesn't mean you always have to be sad or happy! AND I haven't been to the other world to know what goes on there!

Even planning for future is a result of feeling happy at the moment but a moment in future. (Or other inside-out feelings!)

The 11th educational year just ended for my friends and I. If we get a good mark it means we have diploma and we will enter the 4th grade in this Mehr (October-2017)

How fast it passed! It was like the day before yesterday that we fought with classmates on "whose mom makes the better breakfast", but in actual yesterday our discussion was about Persian grammar!

11 years passed! That fast! I'm 17 now, and as the questions at the beginning of the article I ask myself "Where am I standing next 11 years?" "Will go to a university?" "What is my bachelor score?" "Will I even get a bachelor diploma?" "Can I get to PhD ?" "What is my major in university going to be?" "Is my GOAL correct?"

But it doesn't matter. I know my goal and by the trust to God I move towards my goal and I know and I'm sure as I dreamed of going to high school when I was a kid, I will achieve my goal as well (Of course my goal is not job or something like that... It's my matter, with all due respect :) )

And Finally a note which isn't just related to Konkoor:

      "I'm gonna take part in Konkoor like anyone else; But why?" This is WAY different than "How do I take part in Konkoor" or "How will my exam result?". The more you know about what you should do, the better you do it. Even Your answer to "Should I even go THIS WAY ? " might be changed! Somewhat like "What is your GOAL". you find the answer to it, you find the way.

     Let me give you an example : David wants to go to the mountains and have fun, but he doesn't know the way. There's no one to ask about the way, but event if it was he wouldn't. Why? Because he is too arrogant! And he is tired of everyone telling him "DO THIS AND DO THAT!", But he prepared himself with tools, food, woolen clothes, and hiking tools. He starts the journey, but a week later his body was found somewhere near Bandar_Abbas !! (It's a warm and sultry city to the south of Iran) Why he died?! Because he went the wrong way! (You can imagine Greg with shorts and sunglasses going to the beach, but died in The mountains)

Well, That's the end, But WAIT, THERE'S MORE :

Summer Plans!!! :

Like any other student, I rest for a week + this week is awesome to plan for my summer and review my goals. then reviewing my lessons begin and I'll study for summer exams. Also I will take part in school summer classes.

But WAIT, It's all studying !

       I'll be listening to music sometimes, drawing and designing using Photoshop and Corel Draw, Learning How to make games using Unity Game Engine instead of just playing video games, Playing video games (Obviously), taking part in different conferences like TGC (Tehran Game Convention) and Tedx, and blogging for sure ;D

*P.S. This article had been written almost 2 weeks ago, but it was planned to be revealed now.

**P.S. Feel free to comment any problem (Grammar, Words, etc.) down below, so I would learn what to do next times ;)